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Krasnodar International Airport is located in the eastern outskirts of Krasnodar, some 12 km from the downtown area.

At the moment, the airport is strategically important for Russia as its major southern air hub. It services the population of the third largest constituent entity of the Russian Federation, Krasnodar Territory (excluding the territory of Anapa, Eisk and Sochi resorts and the cities of Novorossiysk and Tuapse). The covered territory includes also several adjacent regions, including the Republic of Adygea.

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    1 700


Presently Krasnodar airport is used by over 30 airlines flying to 62 destinations (including 17 international ones). Yakutia Airlines is based here. The technical equipment of the airport allows to accommodate modern-type aircraft, such as Boeing 737-300, A-319, and 320. The airport’s capacity is 1000 passengers per hour for domestic flights and 500 passengers per hour for international flights.

In the terminal building, there are VIP and CIP lounges, as well as shops, cafes, pharmacies. Wi-Fi access is also provided.

Within the framework of Krasnodar airport aerodrome infrastructure development, runway (RWY-2) reconstruction is underway at the moment, as well as construction of utility facilities and installation of equipment to provide safe, uninterrupted, and quality handling of aircraft.

Operations are carried out within the project of general reconstruction of Krasnodar airport. The new airport, with 55,000 sq m in total area, will be completed in 2018. Dutch NACO, which is the contractor in the new airport’s master plan development, forecasts annual passenger traffic ranging from 6 to 10 million passengers in 2030.

Within the period of design and construction of the new Krasnodar airport, the area of the existing terminal is expanded by 8 200 sq m. As a result, the airport’s capacity will increase up to 1,700 passengers per hour. 

In 2014, following the results of the "Air Gateway of Russia" First National Award, awared at NAIS & CA national aviation infrastructure exibition. Krasnodar International Airport was recognized as the best regional airport with a passenger traffic of up to 4 MPPA. 

In 2015, the airport once again confirmed its title. According to the results of the 2015 performance, Krasnodar International Airport for the second time was awared the "Air Gateway of Russia" award in the "The best regional airport with passanger traffic of up to 4 MMPA" nomination. 

Furthermore, in 2015 Krasnodar International Airport received four stars (following the results of 2014 performance) in the second comprehensive survey of the airports' terminal infrastructure quality and passenger service carried out by AviaPort aviation news agency. A year earlier, in this rating the airport had received just 1.5 stars.



In 2015 the reconstruction of the curbside area was completed. As a result the terminal buildings acquired noble grey color. The signs were mounted on facades with airport name and terminal designations: Terminal 1 for domestic flights, Terminal 2 for international flights and Terminal 3 for VIP terminal. Also the sign state the airport’s historic name Pashkovsky. The stage 2 of Krasnodar airport airfield infrastructure reconstruction is underway. Under the project the integrated modernization of 3000 m main runway is going to be implemented.



According to 2014 results, Krasnodar International Airport serviced more than 3.4 million passengers (20% more vs. 2013). The number of domestic passengers amounted to more than 2.4 million (+ 23%), and international - more than 926,000 passengers (+ 11%).

In 2014, the areas of the entrance and preflight security check at the domestic and international terminals were expanded. The number of the check-in counters and the seats for the passengers waiting for departure or check-in was increased, a new baggage handling system was commissioned. The terminal now features children playgrounds.

On December 26, a comfort lounge was launched at International airport of Krasnodar, which can service the economy class passengers. The lounge has become the fourth comfort lounge in Krasnodar International Airport; VIP-terminal, as well as domestic and international business lounges continue to offer their services.



Today, the airport is of strategic importance to Russia as its southern air gates. In terms of passenger traffic, the Krasnodar airport is the first in the southern region. The airport is used by over 30 airlines flying to 62 destinations (including 17 international destinations). The technical equipment of the airport allows to accommodate modern type aircraft, such as Boeing 737-300, A-319, and 320. The airport’s capacity is 500 passengers per hour for domestic flights and 200 passengers per hour for international flights. In 2012, the airport handled 5.5 million passengers.


Russian Transportation Ministry included the airport in its list of 12 international hubs on the territory of the Russian Federation.


OJSC Kuban Airlines was restructured through the spinoff of two of its entities, namely OJSC Krasnodar International Airport and OJSC Kuban Air Transport Territorial Agency. 20 December is the birthday of Krasnodar International Airport.


Krasnodar United Air Group within the structure of the North Caucasian Civil Aviation Authority was restructured into OJSC Kuban Airlines, which comprised an air carrier and an airport.


Yak-42 aircraft put into operation. In 1984, the second concrete runway put into operation.



Krasnodar United Air Group within the structure of the North Caucasian Civil Aviation Authority was formed. In the same year, the Group acquired its own fleet of Аn-24 aircraft.


Launch of scheduled passenger service with Тu-124 aircraft.



Construction of the first concrete runway completed. Flights performed by Il-18 aircraft commenced in Krasnodar airport. Construction of a two-story passenger terminal completed. Scheduled passenger and cargo flights to domestic destinations performed using Аn-10, Il-18, and Аn-12 aircraft.



Airport started accommodating Li-2 aircraft; and since 1948, Il-12 aircraft.

1941 – 1945

During WWII, the aircraft of the Special Air Squadron of Krasnodar Airline transported ammunition and POL to the battle-front and carried out medevac missions.


Air base is reorganized into the 218 Civil Aviation Pashkovsky Special Air Group. The majority of Po-2 aircraft were re-equipped into passenger carriers. Scheduled passenger flights made from Krasnodar to Maikop, Sochi, Anapa, etc.


Krasnodar United Air Group formed. In the same year, seven Po-2 Aerial Pest Control Agency aircraft landed near the central office of Pashkovsky state farm. In late 1932, the Agency was reorganized. It was used as a basis for the formation of Pashkovsky air base, which in late 1933 was moved to the aerodrome used by the present-day Krasnodar airport.