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350912, Russia, Krasnodar, Yevdokia Bershanskaya St., 355

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Krasnodar International Airport would like to offer you a shopping arcade, which was recently launched, located very close to the airport terminal.

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Offered are the premises G5, G6, G7 with 60 sq m area each and G8 with 119.5 sq m area (the premises are shown on the layout).

The fixed monthly lease payment is from 1 500 rubles per 1 sq m and up to 4 000 rubles per 1 sq m (depending on premises suggested concept and dimensions) or as a percentage of the sales (as may be agreed). Also the tenant shall make a tenancy deposit in the amount of 2-month fixed lease amount.


Advertising Manager

Phone:+ 7 (989) 288 79 56

350912 , Russia , Krasnodar, Evdokia Bershanskaya Str., 355

An airport is a unique area for advertising that works day and night throughout the year. Being in an airport involves spending a fairly long period of time in a confined area: hence any information display definitely attracts the attention of not only passengers, but also the meeters and greeters. This means that audiences increase at least two-fold and the duration of visual contact also increases significantly.

For advertisers, potential revenues from this target audience carry great importance. Airport visitors are, as a rule, people of high- or medium-income level.

Airports of the Krasnodar Region offer advertisers a wide range of communication and advertising tools - from traditional billboards to large-scale promotional campaigns.

Types of airport advertising

Advertising within passenger terminals:

  • advertising in light boxes of various formats
  • advertising on luggage trolleys
  • advertising on boarding passes and parking cards
  • displaying promotional videos on monitors in waiting lounges
  • placing booklets and magazines on advertising stands

Advertising on the landside square:

  • advertising on 3 × 6 m billboards
  • advertising on large-format advertising structures
  • advertising on passenger boarding bridges
  • advertising on ramp buses

Non-standard advertising projects:

  • organization and performance of promotions
  • placement of promotional stands and non-standard advertising structures
  • cars exhibits
  • branding of individual areas and lounges

Airports advertising operator

Aero Marketing Service Group

Phone: +7 (495) 739 - 44-34, +7 (495) 755-89-76


125993, Moscow, Leningradsky prospect, 37, bld. 9

Rental manager:

Tel.: +7 (861) 219-17-58, +7 (918) 462-49-48


350912 , Russia , Krasnodar, Evdokia Bershanskaya Str., 355