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The landside square

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The Left Luggage facility is located at Krasnodar airport landside square (to the right of the trolleybus stop.)

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Luggage storage prices:

One piece of luggage with dimensions 50×50×103 cm

300 Rubles per day

One piece of luggage which weight exceeds 32 kg or oversized luggage

350 Rubles per day

Please read attentively the rules of the luggage storage before drop-off.

  1. Left Luggage accepts pieces in any form (suitcase, briefcase, bag, backpack, bundle, basket, etc.), which prevents from damage to and contamination of the other passengers (customers) luggage and the Left Luggage equipment.
  2. The weight of one piece of luggage to be stored shall not exceed 30 kg. It is prohibited to combine individual packages into one piece of luggage, as well as to tie bundles to a suitcase, a bag, etc.
  3. Individual pieces - coats, hats, umbrellas - shall be accepted for storage in the wardrobe (on hangers). Fruits, vegetables, and other food stuff shall be accepted for storage only in package. The administration is not responsible for their natural spoilage.
  4. Glass and other fragile items shall be accepted for storage only in a solid box marked with a "Fragile" sign.
  5. Explosive, flammable, combustible, toxic, and unpleasant smelling substances, weapons without covers, and ammunition may not be accepted for storage.
  6. Items not claimed by their owner within 30 days of acceptance for storage shall be considered unclaimed and disposed of according to the established procedure. Opening and disposal (destruction) of such items can be made prior to the deadline, if further storage may entail contamination of the premises or damage to other pieces.
  7. Temporary claim of the items terminates the right to their further storage. It is required to repeat the procedure of acceptance for storage.
  8. Should the passenger (customer) lose the token, the items shall be released based on his/her application and subject to availability of the documents and proves of his/her title to the items. Release of the baggage to passengers with preschool children is performed out of turn.

The Left Luggage facility operates 24/7, without lunch break.