For passengers with reduced mobility

Krasnodar International Airport provides services for passengers with reduced mobility

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  • Krasnodar International Airport has a number of facilities to handle the passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility. The airport terminal is outfitted with diverse equipment to enable the easy and independent access to check-in and departure areas for the passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility;
  • The passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility who travel by domestic airlines from Terminal 1 can check-in at specially outfitted check-in couter №16;
  • Within the domestic and international terminal building the toilet stalls are located specially designed for passengers with disabilities;
  • According to request of the passenger using wheelchair the airport employees will accompany him/her from the check-in area through the departure lounge to an aircraft. The boarding of this category of passangers is of special priority and is carried out using ambulift. Upon arrival the passenger using wheelchair is the last to leave as it is easier to move around in an empty cabin. Airport employees will carry the passenger to terminal building using ambulift. The passengers is accompanied to baggage reclaim area and assisted with baggage claim. Upon request the passenger is accompanied to the terminal exit;

Krasnodar Airport First aid facility phone: +7 (861) 219-18-40

Applying for people with disabilities