Krasnodar Airport set a record during the 10 days in holidays

During the May holidays in Russia (from 1-10 May) Krasnodar Airport served more than 135 thousand passengers. This result is 7% more than the same period in 2019. The record levels are primarily for domestic flights which 42% more than the same period 2019.

The most popular destinations are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, followed by Novosibirsk and Sochi.

Since April 1, 2021, partially resumed international flights to Osh and Yerevan from the Krasnodar airport. During the May holidays, more than 4 thousand people flew abroad.

The peak days were May 5 when the airport served 13,946 passengers and May 10 (14,307 passengers). May 1 was a hard day for the airport too. On that day, employees served 66 flights for departure – a record level for a day for Krasnodar airport. In the period from 1-10 May, there were 597 flights at Krasnodar airport in total.

Such results became possible due to several factors: the introduction of the president's weekend holidays and tourist cashback, which makes it possible to return funds for tours within the country and previously taken vacations. Many people took a vacation in advance for the May holidays. This allowed the opportunity to fly home, walk around the two major cities of Russia and breathe the salty sea air in Sochi seashore. For visitors, the holidays have become an opportunity to come to the south, to close to people, and enjoy sunny days. The weather at the beginning of the month pleased with the warmth of the residents and guests of the Krasnodar.

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