Sochi, Krasnodar and Anapa airports are conducting a survey among travelers

Airports of Krasnodar territory informs about a special survey among passengers and the changes introduced after the cancellation of quarantine in the Krasnodar region.

Despite the fact that the pandemic threat is receding, the airports of Sochi, Anapa and Krasnodar continue to implement health and safety measures.

On July 6, the Resolution of the Governor of the Krasnodar region dated 2 July 2020 No. 371 "On the extension of the high-alert mode” came into force on July 6. Wearing masks, social distancing and disinfecting hands and surfaces is still necessary to maintain health and well-being of citizens. Leisure, entertainment, cultural and other events are still prohibited. The number of participants no more than 100 people limits for business events.

Cinemas, children’s leisure centres and nightclubs remain closed. Cafes and hotels operate with restrictions.

Kuban air gateways remind of the need to take care of citizens over 65 years old. They are advised to maintain self-isolation and minimize going outside.

Sochi, Krasnodar and Anapa international airports took all possible measures to make comfortable staying of passengers and guests in the terminals. The “electronic boarding pass” technology allows you to check in for a flight without contacting airport personnel and other passengers. At the airports of Sochi and Krasnodar, baggage can be checked in through Drop-off kiosks. Now, passengers of UTair and Alrosa airlines have this opportunity.

Personal protective equipment is sold in vending machines: masks, gloves and antiseptics. You can use free disinfectors located in the terminal.

Due to the safety measures, the virus began to recede, and we were able to resume flights. We are pleased that the airports of the region have a stable schedule and a continuous increase in passenger traffic at present.

The airports of Sochi, Krasnodar and Anapa remind of the extension of the ban on international flights until August 1.

We ask passengers to tell us how their preferences have changed in connection with the pandemic to evaluate how it has affected travelers and an attitude towards flights. Please fill out this short survey to provide us feedback. It takes no more than 10 minutes:

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