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    • Krasnodar International Airport named after Catherine II ranks 2nd place in terms of passenger traffic in the South of Russia and is among the largest Russian international airports. 

      The route network of the gateway in 2020 consisted of more than 50 destinations served by more than 25 airlines.

      Quality of services criteria:

      1. Ground handling time of a turn-around flight starts from 30 minutes for the majority of the aircrafts.

      2. After aircraft blocks on, the installation of passengers’ stairs takes not more than 2 minutes, at the same time disembarkation of passengers begins in 5 minutes.

      3. Time of the first baggage delivery on a baggage carousel is not more than 20 minutes, the last – 28 minutes.

      4. Waiting time of the passenger in a check-in queue is not more than 15 minutes.

      5. Check-in time for one passenger – not more than 60 seconds

      6. Minimum connecting time for transfer passengers on domestic flights (D-D) - 50 minutes

      Passenger capacity per hour:

       1000 Domestic, 500 International

      Take-off and landing operations per hour: 11

      Krasnodar International Airport handles 700 tons 

      of mail and commercial cargo per month.

      In 2020 the airport handled: more than

            3,08 mln passengers.

      Aero Commerce Department

      +7 (861) 219-10-63