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  • In the airport it is possible. But all this should be packed into a suitcase or a bag which you will hand over then in luggage at registration for flight. And here in a zone of departure it is forbidden to carry by any tanks (containers, tubes) with liquids more than 100 milliliters.
  • Drugs, means of ensuring of “special dietary requirements”, baby food, including maternal milk, it is possible to carry by with itself, but in the quantity necessary on a flight time. The security service specialist of the airport will have to look through drugs and to be convinced that it is not explosive mixes. Examination is necessary anyway even if the passenger has reference from the doctor. Need of careful check disappears if a merchandise is purchased in a zone of departure of the terminal, including in Duty free stores.
  • You need to ask this question in the airline performing flight as free baggage allowance and rates for above-standard luggage is established by airlines.
  • If you transport animals or plants, then first of all you need to agree on conditions with airline. More detailed information is specified in the section “Transportation of Animals and Plants”.
  • When passing preflight examination upon the demand of the employee of the airport you will need to show the medical document (the reference, the statement, the recipe, etc.) confirming need of acceptance of insulin. We recommend to take with ourselves in hand luggage only that amount of medicine and syringes which is required during flight, to hand over the rest in luggage.
  • Upon purchase of the air ticket surely report to the employee of airline or agency that you or the passenger accompanied with you need the special help. Detailed information is stated in the section to “Physically disabled people”.
  • If your luggage did not arrive, you need to address to department of search of luggagewhich is in the sector In on 1 floor of air terminal complex. A claim concerning delays of delivery of luggage should make airlines carriers since the passenger signs the air transport agreement at the time of purchase of the ticket with airline.
  • The copy of the boarding pass, after flight commission, unfortunately, it is impossible to issue. To receive the supporting document, about presence you on flight, it is necessary to make official request in airline which you flew.
  • If you are precisely sure that you forgot a thing at airport of departure, then you should address the representative of airline or directly in the airport with the corresponding request. Also you can write the message with statement of a problem on our website and the staff of the airport will try to solve your problem.
  • You need to address on a desk of unclaimed luggage which is in arrivals. There to tell where phone was forgotten. Most likely claims activities agents will ask to call the password for its unblocking or several numbers from the telephone book to make sure that the thing belongs to you. If you forgot luggage at the airport, or a thing aboard, it is necessary to address claims activities phones agents: Sochi International Airport: +7988-233-61-18
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