Car and parking

Krasnodar International Airport is located in the eastern part of Krasnodar, about 12 km from the downtown area.

The Federal Highway M4 "Don" passes in 2-3 km from the airport.

We advise you to use special navigation applications or maps to make your route to Krasnodar Airport in most convenient way. 


There are some 24/7 parking places in the territory of the airport.

The network of car parking includes 412 parking lots. There are 24 parking lots for vehicles of disabled guests and with platforms for bikes and motor transport.

Airport Terminal square

  • First 15 minutes of the 1st hour are free of charge

  • 250 RUB –for the 1st hour

  • 100 RUB –for each subsequent full and incomplete hour

  • 700 RUB – per day

Supplementary parking with an hourly rate:

  • Only with an hourly rate

  • 150 RUB –for the 1st hour

  • 100 RUB – for each subsequent hour

Staff/daily parking:

  • Located in the fenced area to the right of the entrance to the airport terminal square.

  • Operates 24/7

  • 600 RUB per day

Alternative parking:

  • Located 250 meters from the terminal. The entrance to the parking is from E. Bershanskaya street.

  • Free of charge

  • Operates 24/7

Parking Area Rules

  • At entrance, use an automated machine, issuing parking card.

  • Follow the system tips:

    1. Press the button to get a parking card.

    2. Take the parking cardfrom the parking machine.

    3. Wait for the barrier to open and drive through. 

  • In case you have any problems, please contact a parking manager by pressing the button 'Call the Manager' on the parking machine. 

  • Before leaving the parking area you need to pay for the service using parking meter. Within 15 minutes after paying for parking services or 15 minutes from the moment you enter the parking area, you can leave by inserting a parking card into the reception channel of the check-out parking machine.

  •  Observe the rules of the road when moving around the parking lot, leave the car only in specially designated places. Vehicles placed in violation of the Traffic Rules of the Russian Federation will be evacuated by the traffic police to a specialized paid penalty parking.

People with disabilities (disabled people of I, II and III groups) can use the parking services for FREE. To leave the parking lot, please contact the Parking Administrator at the Information desk in the center of the airport terminal hall.

Please keep in mind:

The parking card is the property of Krasnodar International Airport JSC and requires careful storage. Do not exchange or transfer the parking card received at the entrance.

A penalty is charged for the loss and damage of a parking card. Counterfeiting a parking card, leaving without payment and using non-personal benefits is punishable by law.

For more information, please call:

Tel. +7 (861) 219-18-97

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