Exhibition “Antarctica. 200 years”

  • from 9.01.20 to 15.03.20

    An exhibition “Antarctica. 200 years” is devoted to the 200 anniversary of discovery of Antarctica by the Russian seamen.

    The exhibition is based on cartographic materials, photos about unusual natural phenomena and heavy everyday life of polar explorers, samples from the rare book fund, documents, diaries and books about overwintering in Antarctica, the navigation instruments, geodetic and medical instruments, equipment and polar explorers’ pieces of art, models of ships and airplanes, samples of rock formation and natural samples telling about wildlife of Antarctica, the chronicle of opening and scientific exploring of Antarctica by means of collection materials on philately.

    Heroes of the exhibition are polar explorers of Russian stations, participants of sports expeditions, including the famous women's team "Metelitsa", and the photographer traveler — all of them are residents of Krasnodar Krai or were connected with it in the past.

    Exhibition "Antarctica. 200 years" will tell about Antarctica as the continent of science, will display a contribution of the experts living in Kuban to its exploration, will acquaint visitors of the museum with development of tourism in Antarctica.

    On the basis of an exhibition it is planned to hold excursions and meetings, including with polar explorers, experts — weather forecasters, glaciologists and geologists and also participants of various trips to the sixth continent of the planet.


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