Exhibition “Fascinating magic of arts”

  • From 30.11.19 to 1.03.20

    All art objects presented at the exhibition have been collected by the Moscow patron Olga Zateeva. The current collection has been developed during the last twenty years and throughout long time has been stored far from public eyes.

    The project includes 180 works from Olga Zateeva's collection. A little more than a half of exhibits will appear before public for the first time. Qualitatively high level of the exposition consisting of four sections is due to the presence of huge number of works of arts and crafts, in particular, items from porcelain executed by masters of the Meysensky manufactory. Unique hand fans are also at the exhibition – exclusively rare material which is fragmentary presented in museum collections of Russia. The numerous group of the graphic works created by such outstanding masters of an engraving as Jan van der Strat, Goltsius, Giovanny Baptiste Piranezi, Pietro Bonato, Francois Vivares, Augustin Legrand deserves special attention.


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